Sprink - Bringing the fun back into daily food

Sprink, is an all-inclusive tech driven meal subscription platform which delivers affordable and hygienic daily meal to your doorstep at a pre-defined time and address like a clockwork. It's designed for busy professionals. By eliminiating the daily hassles of deciding, ordering and tracking delivery of meals, Sprink gives a wow experience by making sure food is already there with you when you feel hungry.
Sprink token allows users to get a discount on their subcriptions, earn loyalty tokens via airdrops and get access to invite-only 'Sprink Club' with exclusive benefits. Subscribe. Eat. Enjoy!

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What is Sprink

Sprink is a ERC20 utility token which allows users to buy subscription based meals at Sprink. Any holder of sprink is entitled to a discount on sprink offerings, periodic airdrops and invite to sprink club

Why Sprink

Sprink is revolutionizing the daily meals market

Contact less delivery
Contactless & Free Delivery

Sprink runs on a contactless and free delivery model for its subscription based meals. Meals are delivered at a pre decided time to users. No more tracking the delivery person!

Try before subscribe
Preorder & Chill

Try before you start a subscription! No more cooking. No more ordering.

Affordable yet great quality
Super tasty meals. Super affordable.

Sprink offers subscription based affordable and hygienic meals starting at Rs 58 for breakfast and snacks and Rs 116 for lunch and dinner. This is all inclusive price with no delivery or add on charges.


About Us

Kinematic Foodtech, the parent company of Sprink, is a new age food tech company which has researched and developed ingredients, recipes and processes which enable preparing complicated Indian dishes in minutes by just assembling components. These products and processes enable us to eliminate the 2 biggest problems faced by the food industry - delivering consistent delightful food at scale across geographies by eliminating dependency on trained chefs or skilled manpower and reducing dependency on refrigerated infrastructure. Using these proprietary processes and a unique business model, we are building the most affordable and hygienic food brand in India in the daily essential meals category. The ultimate aim is to become the default kitchen for daily Indian food across the globe. Sprink.online is our hygiene-first meal subscription platform designed for homes & offices which gives consumers access to the largest variety of good quality daily food at the most affordable price points delivered at their doorstep with 0 delivery fee. Kinematic Foodtech is founded by 2 graduates from IIT and an IHM grad with a successful entrepreneurial track record and an unstinted focus on tech. The startup is backed by Axilor ventures (run by Infosys co-founders), Bennett and Coleman (Times Group) and many prominent angels.

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2015 : Jan

Started Petoo as a cloud kitchen. Built team, kitchen, platform.


First order delivered in Bangalore.


Raised funds from Axilor ventures. Started working on food science.


Developed first natural gravy sauce with 3 days of ambient shelf life in a makeshift autoclave machine.

2016 : May

Raised funds from angels and Letsventure to fund research work.

2017 : December

Developed 40+ sauces with 6 months shelf life, without using any preservatives or chemicals.

Opened first customer facing outlet in HSR Layout.

2018 : May

Developed 83 sauces, multiple masala pastes, beverages and dessert ranges


Started expanding footprint of customer facing outlets beyond Bangalore

2019 : Jan - Nov

Started opening outlets in large Corporate cafeterias. Reached to a total of 41 outlets across 8 cities in India with many more in pipeline.


Launched cloudfood.in, meal subscription virtual cafeteria platform for small offices and startups

2020 : March

Covid shuts down all outlets


Started scaling cloudfood, signed up first hostel & hospital


Opened platform for b2c and scaled up b2b2c channels for cloudfood


Crossed pre-covid monthly revenue numbers


Rebranded cloudfood to sprink for better consumer positioning


2021 : Jan

Launch breakfast subscription service on milkbasket.


Start B2B meal services in large corporates.


Launch revamped version of website and introduce mobile app.


Start work on larger capacity Central Kitchen.


Start work on AI powered route automation tool.


Make redbus integration live with more on-boarding points.


New Central Kitchen goes live.


Route Automation tool goes live.


Develop more food products to support other cities.


Expand to another city.


Start testing sales of DIY Meal kits.


Go live with Redbus in another city.


Ritesh Dwivedy

Chief Executive Officer of Sprink, Ritesh Dwivedy co-founded the company in 2015. Prior to starting this he was the founder of JustEat India, India's first restaurant food delivery platform started in 2005, which he ran for almost 10 years and took an exit after successfully selling it to FoodPanda in 2014.

Kumar Setu

Setu (CCO, co-founder) is also an IIT KGP alumnus. Prior to starting Sprink he was the founder of Nuclei Marketing, a global marketing and analytics consulting firm which he ran for 8 years before taking an exit. He takes care of teams spearheading growth at Sprink.

Abhishek Mandal

Abhishek (COO, co-founder) is an alumnus of IHM, Bhubaneswar. He's a chef by education and hard core operations guy from experience. Prior to Sprink, he was heading Operations at JustEat. He's the one who takes care of everything, food and operations at Sprink.

Nilesh Krishnarao

Nilesh is a hospitality professional with decades of experience in running own food business as well as managing large corporate cafeterias. Prior to Sprink, he was COO at Tonguestun, India's largest corporate cafeteria management platform which was acquired by Zomato. Nilesh heads customer experience at Sprink and he's accountable for driving retention.


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